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Our sister company, TVADSWORK Limited is now undertaking ALL commercial work, from TV advert production to media planning and buying. To learn more about them, please visit the website.


Orange Planet Pictures is now focussed purely on animal welfare and conservation film making. Over the last 10 years, we have exposed many global issues that are both worrying and egregious. Like the dog & cat meat trade in Indonesia, bear bile farming in China and Vietnam, rhino poaching in South Africa and Asian elephant abuse in Thailand. 


The new Orange Planet Pictures site will provide access to all our films (for free), as well as links to initiatives, charities, and NGO's we are aligned with. 


It's our belief that high quality information and education are a pre-cursor to change, so will endeavour to shine a light on these issues for as long as we can.


Copyright Andrew Telling

Multi-award winning film production company specialising in animal welfare & conservation films. Shedding light on issues others fail to expose.


Copyright Andrew Telling


Orange Planet Pictures is a carbon neutral company. Working with Klima, we offset our carbon emissions by investing in tree projects, solar power initiatives and clean cook stoves in Ghana.

Orange Planet Pictures is Carbon Neutral

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In October 2023, actor and animal activist Peter Egan embarked on a journey to the Al Gisa desert in Egypt with Safe Haven 4 Donkeys. There, he bore witness to the appalling cruelty inflicted upon the kiln donkeys by the brick kiln workers. Subjected to whipping, beating, and neglect, these donkeys toil tirelessly, hauling carts for 12 hours daily, all under the relentless Middle Eastern sun. The brutality is particularly egregious, considering that the natural temperament and physiology of donkeys make them susceptible to exploitation for easy and inexpensive labour.


This film serves as a poignant window into a largely unknown world. It not only reveals the harsh conditions these animals endure but also exposes the shocking reality of the people working at the kilns—some as young as ten years old. These individuals lack awareness of animal welfare, sentience, and understanding of the patient and enduring nature of these animals. Remarkably, the documentary highlights the exceptional efforts of Safe Haven 4 Donkeys, in collaboration with their partners from the Atan Mobile Veterinary Team and the El Gesr Foundation. Together, they perform extraordinary work, rescuing donkeys from the brink of death and transforming their lives from one of suffering to health in a matter of hours—an experience that must be seen to be believed.


Without the dedication of these compassionate individuals, many more donkeys would simply fade away, succumbing to the injuries endured in the harsh realities of the Egyptian brick kilns—malnourished, dehydrated, beaten ...and broken.



In March 2023, actor and animal activist undertook a 30-hour journey to the Zululand Rhino Orphanage in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Managed by a skilled team, the orphanage provides 24-hour care to rhinos that have all been rescued after the poaching-related death of their parents. "KERATIN," a powerful film, reveals the challenges faced by those protecting these animals, offering personal insights and revelations known to very few. Guided by Helping Rhinos, Peter witnesses the harsh realities of poaching, emphasizing the significant threat faced by rhinos.


The film delves into the lengths to which poachers go and explores the counter-initiatives implemented to thwart their malicious schemes. Notably, Peter is invited to participate in an anti-poaching process unprecedented in film history—ethical dehorning. This visceral procedure is both emotional and overwhelming, underscoring its essential role in the ongoing battle against poaching.


During his visit, Peter encounters Lulaboy, a baby rhino recently rescued from poachers. At the time of the documentary team's arrival, Lulaboy was small, unwell, and his life hung in the balance. The emotional journey unfolds as the film captures the efforts to rehabilitate and ensure the well-being of this vulnerable rhino. "KERATIN" stands out as a remarkable film on rhino poaching, offering a perspective never before seen.


Raw, real, and profoundly emotional, the documentary brings to light the urgent need for conservation efforts and the ongoing struggle to protect these incredible animals from the threat of poaching.

Copyright Andrew Telling



  • Links to all of our animal welfare and conservation films

  • Initiatives, charities and NGO's we support

  • A new podcast featuring actor Peter Egan and Orange Planet Pictures founder, Andrew Telling

  • Plus much more.


On 1st July 2019, actor, comedian and animal advocate Ricky Gervais met medical doctor, scientist and author, Dr. Ray Greek. 

It was due to be a brief and informal promotional piece.


But, what developed, was one of the of the most compelling and accessible anti-animal testing conversations we'd ever heard.

So, we let the cameras roll...

Copyright Andrew Telling

Copyright Andrew Telling


In March 2019, Peter Egan and filmaker Andrew Telling (Orange Planet Pictures) made the 7400 mile journey to visit North Sulawesi's cruel cat and dog meat markets to help shine a light on the horrors of the trade.


What they saw was truly shocking.

This is an opportunity to watch the Global Premiere of 'The Long Wait to Die' and interact live with Peter Egan, Lola Webber ( Co-founder of Change For Animals Foundation ) and Andrew Telling (Director of Orange Planet Pictures)

Whilst this 30 minute film features content that many will find disturbing there is no hands on live animal cruelty.



In November 2022, we travelled to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary in Brasov, Romania.

Actor and animal advocate, Peter Egan, met the founder Cristina Lapis.

In this short but extraordinary encounter, he met the bears, explored the 69 hectare sanctuary and learned about the remarkable woman who started it all.

Copyright Andrew Telling

Copyright Andrew Telling

Copyright Andrew Telling

Across China and Vietnam, over 10,000 Asiatic black bears (moon bears) exist as prisoners, in crude coffin size cages. Deprived of all but the most basic necessities to keep them alive and forced to endure unimaginable pain and torment for up to 30 years, their abdomens and gall bladders are crudely penetrated by often infected catheters to collect bile for traditional Asian medicine, beauty products and even wine.

In 1993, a British woman called Jill Robinson took a stand against this practice. With nothing more than her resolve, Jill peacefully and intelligently rose to begin an animal welfare movement that has now saved hundreds of bears, created two beautiful sanctuaries spanning over 180,000 square meters and has brought a foreseeable end to bile farming in Vietnam. Jill was not wealthy or privileged and the path was predictably difficult. But, she did it! She saw animal suffering that was perfectly legal in a politically charged and socially complicated country. 
Yet, she overcame the fury, emotion and inertia and made a change. In the most impactful way, Jill Robinson demonstrated that with the right resolve and attitude, one person CAN make a difference.

Jill arrived in China in the early nineties where only one animal rights group existed. Now there are over 150, populated by young, dynamic and organised people who are appalled at the inhumane treatment of animals in general. And that is a remarkable situation that’s often overlooked in the West. The tide is changing thanks to Jill’s ability to reach out to the Asian community and facilitate a modern and humane way of thinking.

Narrated by actor, Peter Egan, this is Jill Robinson’s journey told from her own deeply personal and often emotional perspective. With contributions from Downton Abbey actress Lesley Nicol, Born Free founder, Virginia McKenna OBE and Guns ‘n’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum, we find out how, why and where it all began. From Jill’s most heartfelt and life-changing moment to the creation of a global organisation, this is the remarkable story of one of the world’s most inspirational animal welfare heroes.  


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